Evolving consciously together as a greater Whole




Evolve Yoga Training, our trainings are deeply transformative,

a path to reach your full potential  beyond the conditioning of body
and mind so you can help others to do the same.

Yoga is a process of transformation, a state of wholeness and 

equanimity of mind.


At the core of all our trainings is one objective




TEACHER TRAINING 200hrs // Feb 2021- Dec 2021 //
MANCHESTER + Week Immersion in Wales .

This TTC is a deeply transformative journey, a path to reach your full potential beyond the conditioning of body and mind so you can help others to do the same. This training takes place over 9 weekends at Inhale Yoga Studio, Hale South Manchester. It is a journey of self enquiry, a deep discovery of how Yoga can work to balance the body & negative patterns of the mind .

• Development of a personal Yoga practice, taught by the UK’s leading experts in Asana & Pranayama and embodied meditation so you experience  ‘whole body balance’ .

• In-depth Yoga Asana training from it’s Hatha origins to the sequencing of Vinyasa.

• Anatomy of movement , understanding the structure of the body from inside out.

• From gross to the subtle energetic body, learn how to shift the activity of the nervous system so we experience the more subtle realms through the breath, bandhas , mudras and mantra  and our relationship to the vibrational Uni-Verse.

•The philosophy from the ancient texts and how we apply to our everyday lives so we can of live together harmoniously.

• £300 discount when you book before Dec 2020 

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Practice first and then teach is our ethos, so that you can help others to move beyond the confines of their own limitations of body and mind .



Our 200 and 500 hour Teacher Trainings are delivered to the very highest standard.

Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals.


Bringing together all disciplines of Yoga into one Interconnected Whole.


We offer Advanced trainings for dedicated teachers and practitioners wanting to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Yoga, Pranayama and Philosophy


Our Pranayama Trainings "Breath of Life" are accredited with Yoga Alliance (PAC),
aimed at providing the highest quality of going training and development to yoga teachers. These teachings have been directly passed on from Yogic Master Sri OP Tiwariji one the few remaining Masters in Pranayama in the world today.





Evolve Yoga Training focuses on Yoga as a transformative and therapeutic tool opening up the body and sense fields to access an inner focus.

  • Breath What makes this training school unique is our approach to teaching the correct and efficient management of the breath as the foundation stone of Hatha Yoga.  Why ? Mind and breath are connected, the breath is key to reducing stress and opening the body form inside out.

  • Asana In depth asana training from it's Hatha origins to the sequencing of Vinyasa including more dynamic approaches such as the Ashtanga Vinyasa method.

  • Anatomy of movementexperiential learning of muscles and skeletal structure and how this relates to every asana.



Our approach to teaching is experiential so learning and understanding develop as your practice deepens. You will have a whole year to allow the knowledge and experience to be fully integrated and your confidence to build. You will learn the fundamentals of a balanced yoga practice,  Asana, Pranayama, Chanting and Philosophy as well as a strong scientific knowledge of the human system through anatomy and physiology ​.



Our fully integrated 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training can be both a practitioners intensive a means of strengthening your own practice,  as well as a foundation in the teaching of yoga to beginners.


The teaching is spread over a 11 months and takes place at the renowned Inhale Yoga Studio in the lovely village of Hale on the outskirts of Manchester. Initially, there will be a 7 day intensive. This is situated in a stunning lakeside setting. It has lovely accommodation, delicious, fresh seasonal home grown food and is fully inclusive in the cost of the training. For these 7 days you can be fully immersed in your practice, away from the distractions of daily life; a chance to 'live' yoga . We take care of everything so you can make the most of your time with us. 


​"In many ways this course goes beyond ‘teaching yoga’ as it has guided me back to myself. I now see strengths rather than weaknesses and I feel grounded where previously I would have crumbled. I truly feel that if it wasn’t for this course, I would still feel a sense of being trapped but through reflecting on my own negative patterns through a yogic lens I have started to unshackle myself from my own preconceived perception of who I am."  

Georgina Burke 2018

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-200hrs Teacher Training

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-Week Intensive




Evolve Yoga Training 500hrs is ideal for the passionate student of Yoga and aspiring teachers wanting to deepen the own practice and enrich their own teaching. Our 500hrs Advancing Courses are delivered as modules of 40, 60 and 100 hrs this means they can fit easily in to busy teaching schedules and lives.


500hrs Advancing Courses in 2020

  • Intelligent Sequencing 40, 60 & 100hrs ( coming soon)

  • Samkyha to Ayurveda 40 hrs ( coming soon)


All our 500hrs Advancing Trainings Courses are accredited with 

Yoga Alliance Professionals Further Training Programme . 

The Pranayama Teachings  are unique as they originate from a living tradition form the Kaivalydhama Institute in India   Kaivalyadhama Health and Yoga Research Center, founded by Swami Kuvalayananda in 1924, is a spiritual, therapeutic, and research centre with a specific aim to coordinate ancient yogic arts and tradition with modern science;  


These Teachings have been directly passed on to our Director, Vicki Shields from Yogic Master Sri OP Tiwari one the few remaining Masters of Pranayama and Hatha Yoga in the world today. Tiwariji has given his personal blessing and Certified Vicki to pass on this knowledge and wisdom.

- Pranayama 40hrs Further Advancement Training


Our teaching team has some of the uk's leading experts in the field of Asana & Pranayama, they have been immersed in the classic traditional teachings from India in the field of Yoga and Meditation. They have spent decades in dedicated study and practice and have assisted alongside some of the greatest teachers in the world. They are passionate and dedicated to sharing their experience and love for yoga as a way of life. The Pranayama teachings and philosophy of Yoga  have been directly passed on to our Course Director, Vicki Shields from Yogic Master Sri OP Tiwari one the few remaining Masters of Pranayama and Hatha Yoga in the world today. Tiwariji has given his personal blessing and certified Vicki to pass on this knowledge and wisdom.



InHale Yoga Studio
First Floor, Progress House

17 Cecil Road Hale


Cheshire.WA15 9NZ




Yoga is an ever evolving state of being that helps us
to grow as individuals 
and together as a greater whole.
As we consciously evolve,  
we care more about each other and this planet.