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Pranayama + The Subtle Body
100 hours

October 29th - Nov 2nd

Vicki Shields 
Puprise Pranayama Retreats
Crimsworth Valley
Hebden Bridge

This training begins with a five day retreat in the stunning Yorkshire Countryside.

Explore the mystery of the body and mind, dive deep into the ancient wisdom and knowledge of Prana, Nadis, Bandhas and the Chakras 
with daily Asana, Pranayama as well exploring the vibration of sound & Mantra.


Prana is a mysterious energy , the immeasurable source of life itself and Yoga is an invitation to channel this powerful yet subtle energy that, when directed inwards can lead us towards the potential and true greatness of our being, beyond the limited conditioned self.

Combine the wisdom from a living Tradition taught directly to Vicki Shields by Yogic Master Sri OP Tiwariji as well as the most up to date scientific research.

During this retreat you will be able to experience deeper states of Yoga through meditative techniques that when combined, help us to understand more about this vibrational uni-verse, giving you the tools to guide others to do the same. What better setting than surrounded by nature.

  • Creating spaciousness in the body is a primary component in order to develop a seated practice, this requires greater connection to the pelvic floor and the ability to release holding patterns, 
    physically and emotionally. 

  • Balance the energetic body by opening the sense fields becoming more aware of the channels that flow through the body. 

  •  Move into the sacred, infinite body of pure awareness and compassion

  • Allow the fullness of this interconnected world to shine forth.


The breath is key to taking your attention inwards not a mysterious practice with promises of extra-ordinary experiences but something ordinary that brings you right back to the present moment with full awareness. Over time it leads to an awakening of the subtle energy at the core of the body called Kundalini.  The practice of both pranayama and asana can then develop the art of listening to the breath and giving space to the currents of prana or sensations that move through the body.

Pranayama is a process that requires continuous guidance and refinement , Vicki will offer her insight  and experience of studying over 14 dedicated years directly with Tiwariji which will be given through practice, lecture and discussion.

This setting is the perfect location for the synthesis of practice, technique, physiology and philosophy.


All beginners to pranayama will attend 2 days
(1 weekend) of the Breath of Life workshop ( incl with the price) held every 3 months held live in Manchester or zoomed if you are not local to complete your 60 hours certification ,


You can then top this up by attending two further Breath of Life weekends to certify for your 100 hours which will include home practice, regular check ins with Vicki Shields and mentoring .


The extra cost for 100hrs top up is £150 or £120 for Evolve Yoga Training Grads

Breath of Life dates and programme


Every morning we will begin with contemplation, Pranayama and supportive asana with a different theme each day. The Afternoons will be continued Pranayama along with Yoga Nidra with a the focus on embodied meditation and energy centre chakra work to help still the mental activity and trigger a shift in the autonomic nervous system, taking your attention inwards where transformation and shift happens. Through repeated practice and greater understanding this practice grows within, where it has the power to really transform our behaviour with sincerity and devotion.

Course Includes

1. Breath regulation
2. Posture and sitting for pranayama
3. Pranayama history from the texts
4. Preparatory practices for Pranayama
5. Nadi Shodhana, the Breath and Kapalabhati and eventually retaining the breath
6. The interplay of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitric oxide
7. Pranayama methods in detail and explained
8. The subtle body in greater depth.
9. Obstacles to growth in dedicated (yoga) practice
10. How the breath works in terms of both anatomy and physiology, and some latest findings
11. How to continue and grow your practice

Purprise Pranayama Retreats

Crimsworth Valley, Hebden Bridge.

Arrival; Friday 29th Oct arrival 4pm 

Depart : Tuesday 2nd Nov  2pm

Total :4 nights- 5 days Total

Only 6 Available spaces ( 2 already booked)

We begin on Friday with a magical sound bath to set the tone for the weekend.


8 – 11.30am

Kriyas Pranayama, contemplation, Pranava Japa into silence + Guided Asana 


Lunch 1 - 2pm 



2.30 - 5.30pm


Further Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Bij Mantra. Chants to silient /sitting Yoga Asana with a the focus on embodied meditation and energy centre chakra work.


Daily Lectures:  Pranayama, philosophy, scientific information, healing circles with sound and affirmation.

Evenings mixture of video, meditation Tratak and private time.


Themes Covered in Asana

Opening up the lines of the Psoas Lines and the Subtle Body. The Psoas lines flow like ribbons on the internal left and inter-costal sides of the physical body, just to the sides of the pubic bones. The ribbons of the pelvis feather out through the pelvis up the sides of the lumbar spine, this is where the respirational diaphragm attaches. These muscle structures when more open and yielding allow the body to operate in a more unified manner both physically and emotionally.                           


  • Maximising the crest of the Inhale.

  • ​Detail guidance of uniting of Pranic and Apanic patterns in all Asana.

  • The pelvic floor seat of Mula bandha.

  • Uncovering unconscious breathing pattern.

  • Releasing tension in the Psoas lines releases
    mis-alignment in the pelvic and upper diaphragm.

  • Pelvic nostrils related to the lines of the psoas that create a pathway for prana to flow, connecting the above and below the navel. Creating subtle body patterns.



£650 - £690 depending on room choice

Please email 

for further details


£200 deposit due now to secure your place further  full balance due Sept 30th 2021.                                                                                      


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