Donna Southwell

Donna is an incredibly intuitive and responsive teacher, her dedication to practice shines through her down to earth and loving personality. In her teaching she takes the time to look at the details the the body presents, diligently adjusting both the connection to the breath and physical alignment.

Her own practice and teaching is centred around the Ashtanga Vinyasa Method which has evolved from a girl in her twenties to a woman and mother in her forties Donna's teaching simultaneously reflects both the traditional Mysore style lineage (a level 2 authorisation from KPJAYI) and the need to adapt the practice depending on a student's personal needs. 

On the course she will share her depth of knowledge of a daily practice, refinement and modification being the key to a practice. Her teachings facilitate a soft and sustainable approach making it a practice for life. She will be teaching the benefits of intelligent sequencing sharing her knowledge of alignment with aspects from studying Iyengar Yoga, and breaking down intelligent sequencing such as Ashtanga Vinyasa to it's very basics for beginners.


"The physical and mental benefits of daily practise have rewarded me with strength, flexibility and focus. 15 years ago I decided to share my practice and it’s philosophy with others. Over the years that I have been teaching I have seen many others gain enormously from this practice. I want to continue to share these benefits with as many people as possible whether you are a dedicated practitioner or new to Yoga "