Kate Arthurs

Kate is a gentle and wise soul who's years of experience & dedicated study  is evident in her well rounded knowledge of the ancient roots of Yoga and how we can apply this to everyday life.

On the 200hrs Training Kate adds her wealth of knowledge of Samkhya Philosophy which is the theory of evolution & the foundation of Yoga.

She also simplifies her incredible knowledge of Ayurveda to help students to understand how to bring a better balance into life.

Kate has been a yoga practitioner since her early 20s, qualified to teach in 2005, and following several years teaching locally at both her own classes and for local health clubs etc, opened and ran her own studio for 7 years. Moving on from this in 2017 to concentrate on her own learning and practice, she now spends her time teaching small groups, individual students, and delivering teacher training courses.  


Kate discovered a passion for teaching, and giving small inclusive classes where she enables students to be at the centre of all they do.  She enjoys participation by the students and her classes are characterised by light gentle humour.  Kate has always been mindful of the impact of stress and anxiety, and the practical help yoga brings. Consequently, she has directed her continuing education and working life towards learning how to help people manage their reaction to stress.  Most recently Kate has taken teacher training for Mindfulness and is currently finishing this training.  Her qualifications and professional memberships are listed here:


            *Senior Yoga Teacher, Therapist and practitioner of over 30 years 

            *Clinical Hypnotherapist (Non – Practising)   (L.APHP)

            *Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Counsellor and Wellness Educator(AIVS)


 relevant supplementary training : 

            * The Neurobiology of Trauma (NICABM)                          

            * Yoga Therapy for Anxiety and Stress  (The Minded Institute)

            * Structural Yoga Therapy (Mukunda Stiles)


Professional memberships:

Yoga Alliance Professionals, Senior Yoga Teacher

L. Association of Professional Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists 

IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists)


Training Courses offered : 

Yoga Therapy for Stress,  

Samkhya to Ayurveda;  

Ayurvedic considerations for teaching yoga, & Mindfulness.