Lana Lavanina


 Lana Lavanina is one of Finlands leading Clinical Ayurveda Consultants, Yoga Therapists & Pranayama Teachers.  A Senior Student of Sri OP Tiwari one a the few remaining  masters of Pranayama & Hatha Yoga in the world today. She was responsible for taking these teachings of Pranayama & Ayurveda to Finland. She is passionate and dedicated practitioner as well a mum to her son Maxim and lover of nature and it's healing potential.


Lana Lavanina has studied Ayurveda in Thailand and in India since 2004. She continued her studies with Atreya Smith in France and has completed the Clinical Ayurveda and Dravyaguna curriculum. She has also attended many Atreya's courses abroad. The application (treatments, oil making, churnas etc) she has studied with doctor Sunil Joshi in Nagpur, India.

She trained with the Finnish Institute of Ayurveda and is  one of Finland's Ayurveda Association's founding members.


Nowadays Lana teaches at the Ayurvedic institute as one of the main teachers. She has been an Ayurvedic consultant for 11 years and has been teaching pranayama and yoga for many years . She has been studying pranayama with Sri O.P. Tiwari and Paul Dallaghan since 2004.

She lived in Asia for almost 8 years studied yoga, Ayurveda and Pranayama in Thailand and has hosted both  Tiwariji in 2011 and his son Sudhir many times.

Greatly respected in the Yoga Community here's what some of her students say:

"Thank you so much again for your magic and so inspiring energy, I am really looking forward to seeing you soon ."

All the best from Uta


"First I would like to thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. These days has been very valuable and inspirational for me."

Maria from Sweden


"Thank you for your inspiration during the Ayurveda module! I have restarted my daily pranayama practice, something that had become lost in time…. observing with great interest the effect it has. ;-))”