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Get out of your Mind and into your Heart.

The Path to Freedom.

As we begin to see the spring flowers emerging from the slumber of winter time, spring is definitely in the air. There is nothing quite like nature to wake us up to to what is right under our noses, nothing like nature to help us to feel more present and connected.

As things start to ease up around us, I have been contemplating the notion of freedom. Have we taken for granted just how free we were only a year ago? Has the current situation got you thinking about this notion too?

When I look back to the reasons I turned to yoga & meditation many moons ago, I may have had external freedom, I could decide where to go, who to hug and who I didn't. However, I did not feel free at all. I was definitely in some form of mental prison, restricted both in body and mind. Feeling vulnerable, lost and very alone.

Let's Build a Supportive Community & Find Connection with our breath.

Do we take our breath for granted? Do we take for granted the power we have to change and transform? The breath is the most important gateway to regulating the nervous system and gradually improving our health and transforming the mind. When we become more conscious of how we breath and practice regularly tuning in, we begin to feel more whole, more centred and more awake to the present.

Bring back your power to transform this moment breathing together in the mornings:

Get out of your mind and into your heart every Saturday at 9am and Mondays at 7am in our:

As we begin to free up our breath and untie the restrictions that the body holds onto, the breath is unleashed to move freely inside this vehicle we call the body. As we slow down the breath, we find greater control, there is a safe distance to observe the turnings of the mind, as we pause the breath, the turnings begin to pause. We begin to pause. We become the silent witness. We feel the breath as a movement of energy, they call this prana, and the untying of the restrictions to the movement of energy is called ayama and there we have it, Pranayama!

In these 30 mins we explore simple techniques that anyone can utilise including regular Bhrahmari Pranayama visit this link for info on just how powerful and healing just this one practice is:

Thank you for joining together in this community to cultivate Love over Fear, finding connections with each other and ourselves in 2021.

“Victory over others brings us satisfaction, victory over ourselves brings us joy” ~ David Hawkins

May the force be with you….



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