One Week Intensive
Dates and Location
15th March - 22nd March Trigonos Wales


- Arrival: 4pm on Sunday 15th March 2020

- Departure: 2pm on Sunday 22nd March 2020


The 7 day intensive gives you the opportunity to totally live yoga. Enhancing your sense of wellbeing, you will be surrounded by beautiful countryside, helping you to focus on deepening your practice. Full board and catering and inclusive in the cost of the training. The Yoga studio overlooks stunning scenery of Mountains and lakes. The accommodation is on site and all meals fully vegetarian with home grown produce.

Every morning will start with morning contemplation pranayama and daily asana the objective being, to help you develop your own self practice.


Afternoons will be lectures and themes around living a Yoga lifestyle with detailed sessions on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and the 8 limbs of Astanga with observations of yamas and niyamas.


Everything including the food, will be geared towards living a balanced satvik lifestyle, The catering at Trigonos offers delicious organic food balancing body and emotions.

The daily schedule will be given on arrival.