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Yoga Therapy for Stress

with Kate Arthurs

Therapeutic Yoga for Stress Management and Resilience

This unique course offers an integrated approach, bringing together both modern psychological approaches and the wisdom of the ancient practices of Yoga, Ayurveda and Mindfulness. Open to qualified teachers, it has a solution focused and practical approach that provides tangible and lasting results. The course carries Evolve Yoga Advanced Teacher Training 100 CPD certification accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals; A combination of contact teaching and personal practice, case study and preparation.

The course is developed and led by Kate Arthurs, who is a long-standing yoga practitioner and senior teacher with many years of experience. Additionally Kate is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, a yoga therapist and ayurvedic lifestyle and wellness


What you can expect on the course?

Spanning 7 days, each day combines theory with hands on practice and comprises a morning lecture and afternoon practical session.

You will;

* Learn in small group in a dedicated and comfortable space

* Understand what stress and anxiety are, the impact of stress on the body and mind


Learn the science of stress and how this informs the techniques and practices used.

* Learn how Yoga approaches stress and how that meets scientific knowledge

* Discover how to recognize your own symptoms of stress, How can you respond?

* Learn proven, integrated and specific practices to reduce physical and mental


* Discover stress reduction techniques, and why they work

* Learn how to embed longer-term practices that will strengthen resilience and increase emotional tolerance.

* Learn how to adapt techniques to your own and your student’s needs.

* Practice teaching to anxious populations and develop your own technique

* Enable yourself and others to feel in control and manage stressful situations

* Increase self-esteem and personal happiness

This course presents a broad training that encompasses and integrates yoga techniques with established and science based practices, adapted in order to teach to anxious people; to enable your students to manage stress and stressful situations. You will receive full written and practical training in a wide range of proven techniques designed to give each individual the ability to learn how to adapt, and improve his/her stress resilience and emotional tolerance; together with the knowledge and experience of how to bring this to your students in 1:1 and classroom environments.

While mornings are devoted to lecture, afternoon practices will give you the opportunity to experience the techniques taught, and to begin to develop your own approach.

On this course there is time to fully learn how to establish increased

tolerance to stress with practices that strengthen the autonomic nervous system, all built around yoga, breathing, posture and mindfulness practices. As the techniques include learned responses, there will also be time to integrate that learning into your

daily life. You will receive the appropriate scientific education to support learning. There is a requirement for daily practice at home, and to complete an assignment on the last weekend of the course, this takes the form of a taught delivery of a chosen

technique or set of practices, and a practical written case study to be handed in for assessment.

Course Fees

£ 695

Early bird discount is £650 if paid in full by 1.12.19

Please email for application details

A £100 deposit to secure your place with full payment 7 days prior to the commencement of the course. Please note that numbers are strictly limited.

You will receive: Full course notes, including research references. A certificate and 100 Hours Yoga Alliance Professionals CPD

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