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David Tilson

David is keen to bring out the best in people by sharing his enthusiasm for life and expressing the underlying principles that govern all movement. He has vast amounts of experience in the field of personal fitness– bodyweight, calisthenics, and martial arts.  He has recently spent a year working at the world renowned Samahita Retreat  in Thailand teaching Yoga and leading fitness programmes, Samahita enriched is existing knowledge of the human body, studying from world-renowned teachers such as Paul Dallaghan and Richard Freeman.


A dedicated Yoga practitioner of both Asana and Pranayama, with over 1000 Yoga Alliance Professionals hours, he will be leading the way through his vast knowledge of applied anatomy with regard to understanding what the body needs to build both strength and create flexibility.  


As a keen martial artist he has studied Filipino Kyusho under the guidance of Grand Master Angelo Baldissone (8th Dan) since 2009, earning his first black belt in 2014.

David moved back to the UK training with hand-balance teachers Yuval Avalyon and Miguel Santos, as well as his continuing his martial arts training with GM Angelo.

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