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David Tilson

David's passion and love for life is infectious, he is an inspiration to us all and you cannot fail to be uplifted by his energy and enthusiasm to move more freely.  We are honoured to be able to share his expertise here at Evolve.


David specialises in and teaches the underlying principles that govern all movement. through a wide range of modalities including calisthenics, hand-balancing, flexibility, yoga, pranayama and martial arts. 


As an Ex-Royal Marines Commando & Firefighter, David has exceptional focus and discipline along with a vast knowledge of the body and its potential. He holds a 4th Dan Black Belt in martial arts and is an avid student with a self-confessed obsession with human movement, he continues to train alongside and be inspired by some of the greatest movement specialists & teachers in the world.

A dedicated Yoga practitioner of both Asana and Pranayama, with over 1000 Yoga Alliance Professionals hours, he will be leading the way through his vast knowledge of applied anatomy with regard to understanding what the body needs to build both strength and create flexibility.  



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