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Breathwork Community

Breath Work Zoom Community.

Join us to help calm your anxieties, ground your fears, be present, and start your day with the patience to transform the way in which you respond to challenging life circumstances.


These short morning sessions are aimed at helping you keep up with practice and a build a community of like minded practitioners.

Gathering in a virtual circle two mornings a week via  Zoom Mondays at 7am and Saturday at 9am for 30 minutes. 

You can choose to attend any or all of the sessions.

Whenever we are faced with any stressful situations, the first thing we notice is how it affects the way in which we breathe. When we are able to switch from a shallow, rapid, breath to slow diaphragmatic breathing, we bathe the nervous system and calm the mind. So called the Victorious breath because it brings peace to the conflicting forces of the mind

Classes are suitable for all abilities from total beginners to those more familiar with breath work.
We use a quad-ratio technique that helps cultivate a pause in the exhale and the inhale, this is a method of natural retention without forcing. From this relaxed state we can move onto the practice of Pranayama, with specific techniques that have enormous therapeutic benefits.

Monthly suggested contribution is £10. Paypal or
Bacs details: Ashtanga Manchester sort code 089299 account no. 69356106

Lets meet each moment with openness, curiosity and kindness. 
These breathing techniques are powerful practices that modern scientific research has shown to produce impressive psychological and health benefits. Some of these are:

• Decreased cardiovascular risk factors

• Improved immune function & reduction in common inflammatory conditions

• Reduced anxiety, depression, insomnia, & menopausal symptoms

• Improved mental function

• Reduced production of stress hormones

• Emotional strength & balance

• Reduction in habitual or addictive behaviours

• Increased sense of peacefulness and compassion toward oneself & others


Lets evolve from an overstimulated, reactive & disconnected state, unable to know which way to turn. To a more conscious, centred, focused state of mind. 


Perhaps it could be your opportunity to change your reality in just a small way, to start the day feeling more positive, a little more joyful and feeling connected to others wearing their pyjamas. So please come and join me if you can, you can choose to switch off your camera so you don't even need to brush your hair!

Let’s do what we can, to spread some Presence' and shine some light.


Vicki's passion for teaching Pranayama is very inspiring, her knowledge & understanding is staggering & her ability to show you what she feels, so you can in turn feel what she feels is empowering."

– Jamie Davies 



Studying managing the breath & Pranayama has not only changed my approach to yoga asana, but also become a
valuable tool for stress management in my everyday life.


Vicki’s wealth of knowledge and nurturing approach to teaching, creates a safe and encouraging environment in which to explore the subtleties of our body. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in anxiety/stress management and also yoga practitioners interested in moving their practice to a deeper level.  


– Kerri McKenna 2019

Pranayama_Nat B&W.jpg

Pranayama & Breathwork


These weekend workshops utilising simple but powerful techniques to manage & expand the Breath of Life.

Combine 3 weekends to gain  40 hrs CPD Yoga Alliance Training

Pranayama & The Subtle Body

60 + 100 HOURS 


Begin with a 5 day retreat to discover & experience the mysterious energy we call Prana. Yoga is an invitation to channel the immeasurable source of life itself. This powerful yet subtle energy that, when directed inwards can lead us towards the potential and true greatness of our being , beyond the limited conditioned self.

Combine the wisdom from a living Tradition taught directly to Vicki Shields by Yogic Master Sri OP Tiwariji as well as the most up to date scientific research.


Ready to Evolve with us?

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