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Frequently Asked Questions

Q I am currently looking at different courses and trying to decide on the best one for me. I know there is some discussion about trying to standardise yoga teacher training and wondered where this course would fit in?


Yes, many discussions around standardising Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga is an ancient practice so we feel this is a good thing to hold in high esteem the origins and traditions behind the true meaning of what it is to practice and live Yoga. We take those traditional roots and fuse them with the most up to date scientific knowledge , Yoga as a practice, can then be ever evolving.


I have had the same teacher since 2003, I then studied with my teacher’s teacher Sri OP Tiwariji one of the few remaining Masters of Hatha Yoga in the world today, since 2007, this has been consistent and my practice unbroken. I had a desire to study with the leading experts in Asana and Pranayama and Yogic Philosophy


There are few Yogic Masters living today that have had the rigorous practice that he has had for over 50 years. Please look at the lineage link. In fact Tiwariji,  is the president of the Yoga Association in India the governing body are working to define guidelines for this standard , first in India and then hopefully in the rest of the world.


Where would you be able to teach after the course? Would there be any restrictions?


You will have 200 hrs which is just the start of the journey , we would hope you continue on your path and teach from an understanding of all aspects of Yoga and from that which understand through  your own practice. 


How much work with assignments would there be? Need to balance this with a busy full time job?


There is only one Anatomy assignment,  other than that we expect that you put into practice what you learn with regard to Asana and Breath Work and daily reflections of the relationship with your self and others through journaling  and notes around your own practice , we share these at different points but it is not formally assessed.


From this all understanding comes of the physical, philosophical and spiritual aspects of the Yogic path. You are expected to attend other classes and keep a record that you hand in to tutors and you will be expected to begin to practice your teaching techniques on friends and family to become more confident as we move in the teaching of yoga weekends, preparing you for a 30mins examination of this along with an examination ( short answers ) of what you have learnt throughout the year. You will be required to device a six week lesson plan towards the end of the course which will help you when you leave and from which you will have a practical test on teaching a 30mins Asana class. 

Can I go onto to study the 500hrs following the 200hrs?

A This is delivered in 40/60 hour modules that contribute to a 500 hour programme, these will include.


Samkyha to Ayurveda

Anatomy of Movement

Intelligent Sequencing

Pranayama + Subtle Anatomy


These will be taught by the whole teaching faculty please take some time to see how qualified and experienced all our teachers are, we believe we are in a unique position to offer this kind of course and boast it is one of the best in the Uk


Can you let me know the dates once you have confirmed them and also the cost of the course.


Signing up for our newsletter would mean that you get to hear as soon as these go live. .

Students should have been practicing yoga for at least 2 years and have a basic understanding of yoga asana and a willingness to embrace yoga as an on going journey. Teaching comes from experience and is often a calling.

You can download an application form our site The cost of the course can be found by clicking this link

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