200 Hours Teacher Training

FEB 2021 – DEC 2021


Evolve Yoga 200 Hours Teacher Training begins with a week-long retreat surrounded by the stunning mountains of Trigonos, Wales.


The programme takes place over an 11-month period and comprises an initial seven-day retreat and nine weekends. 

This intensive course can be a foundation in the teaching of yoga to beginners or simply a means of strengthening your own practice.

We limit our numbers to 12 students so that we are able to give you the attention, guidance and encouragement you need.

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Our 200 hours teacher training course is fully accredited with Yoga
Alliance Professionals.


Course Overview 

This training is an opportunity for the dedicated and passionate practitioner to explore and fully integrate all elements of Yoga.


The first five months is a full immersion in all elements of fully grounded Yoga practice. During the last six months you will apply this knowledge and learn how to share it with others.


You have one whole year to allow the knowledge and experience to be fully integrated and your confidence to build. You will learn the fundamentals of Asana, Pranayama and chanting, and the science and philosophy behind what we do.


It is a journey of self-enquiry, a deep discovery of how Yoga can work to balance the body and the negative patterns of the mind. You will build on inner and outer strength as you become more focused and present your ability to share with others will grow.


A journey from the physical form of Asana to the more subtle elements of breath, bandhas mudras and mantra.


Unwinding the unconscious patterns of the mind, bringing all separate parts of the self back to wholeness.

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Unique Approach


What makes this Training School unique is it’s approach to teaching the correct and efficient management of the breath as the foundation stone of Hatha Yoga.


We deeply respect the traditional Hatha approach to placing good alignment of the movements of body and breath around a central axis, this alignment is conducive to meditation, so we can feel the deeper elements and benefits of Yoga as a means to transform the mind. We have anon-dogmatic approach which is deeply rooted in intelligent applied experiential anatomy and physiology complimented with expert knowledge in Ayurveda and nutrition.


The approach to teaching is experiential so your learning and understanding will develop as your practice deepens.

Cost of the Course

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The cost of Evolve Yoga 200 Hours TTC is £3,200, which includes the cost of a seven-day intensive course covering full board and all teaching. There is an early bird fee of £2,900 if paid before 1st December.


If you would like to pay in instalments the cost would be £3,550, or £3,200 for early birds.

Please contact us via email for a prospectus. For full details of booking and payment, click the button below.

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For more information on our course eligibility or to download an application form please follow the link below.

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Invaluable guidance and support from all the teachers who have inspired and bestowed their knowledge in a way that is sincere and from the heart.


Initially the thought of becoming a yoga teacher felt daunting and unobtainable but as this course focuses on the need for and value of self-enquiry, I quickly built confidence in my own ability.

– Georgina Burke


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