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Sammy-Jo Scarbrough-Lang

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Sammy-Jo is not only a truly devoted practitioner of yoga she is also a Registered Nurse. Her radiant personality is illuminated in her gentle & caring teaching approach. Her own Yoga journey started some 12 years ago, soon realising how Yoga can transform, a few years later she took the deep dive to teach. 


In her working life she now holds a more senior role, delivering wellbeing services to vulnerable people in the community. you could say her teaching is reaching out far and wide, supporting those employed to support others, facilitating & developing skills to build resilience in the daily lives of those in need.

A devoted practitioner in the art & science of Pranayama along with Ayurveda, Sammy- Jo’s asana journey began with the Ashtanga Vinyasa method, from this knowledge & experience she can teach a variety of approaches rooted in the traditions of Hatha Yoga and appropriate and custom built for each individual body and circumstance.

Along with her busy professional life and family life  she also manages Ashtanga Yoga Manchester founded in 2007 by Vicki Shields. Delivering classes deeply rooted in the 8 limbed approach to liberating mind and body through Hatha Yoga.

Sammy-Jo has witnessed first hand the meaning of unity in diversity. as she is truly embodying Yoga in her working life. Sammy-Jo has provided free classes both in person and virtual to people supported, staff, colleagues, and in a local school as part of health minds week for children and teachers. She is passionate about sharing the practices and knowledge with others to bring a sense of connection to build a community which supports a balanced life.


As her learning and knowledge has continued through additional training, continued practice research and personal exploration  into the 8 limbs  of yoga, her yoga practice has become a way of life. Only through experience of living and practicing yoga has Sammy-Jo been able to share this knowledge and practices in a genuine and sincere way. 


Through her teaching she aims to give people practices and knowledge to help them gain greater awareness of themselves (body and mind). She does this by supporting people to work with the breath, safely finding alignment both on physical and subtle body level, balance and focus both in their practice and day to day life.

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