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The Breath of Life

all I can say is wow!
This has to be experienced to really understand the depth of Vicki’s teaching. Her passion for passing on this knowledge is so clear & heartfelt and her humour and realness makes her workshops comfortable and relaxing. After one day I decided I wanted to do the 40 hours training to support my clients in my business as a coach.The most important thing to me, is a teacher who lives their truth - who practices what they preach. Vicki does this, I would recommend
these life changing trainings
to everyone."

Mishelle Boniface 40hours Pranayama


“ I am so happy I
chose Evolve
this pranayama course is exactly what I was looking for & Vicki's way of teaching and values really
resonates with me.

Thank you so much it has been brilliant.

—Corinne Bethel 40hours Zoomed


“ What incredible Trainings ! I feel so blessed that I have found Pranayama and Vicki. It has given me so much more awareness, a stillness & quietness of  mind, my ability to pause before reacting has improved.

My relationship with myself has improved,
I am present in
my body, the chatter
of what used to be constant messy thoughts has quietened down, 
I am able to tune in to really listen to what the body and soul wants,  & needs to feel nourished. 


— Mary Brooks 100hrs Training


Sarah King

" I now make an annual Pilgrimage to Hebden to immerse myself in the awe inspiring surroundings of the retreat space that really allows me to drop deeply into the experience." 


Dr. Mona Johnson

"The thing that jumped out me about Vicki's teaching was the attention paid to the breath. How our breath helps us regulate our nervous system, and just by breathing, we can move out of those stuck patterns or fright/flight/fight/freeze. We can begin to know, or remember, that we are safe in our bodies. Like many people, I lived my whole life in my head - endlessly problem-solving and planning for the future, or boomeranging into a numb disconnection. This course taught demonstrated that the focus on the nervous system regulation was what I’d been craving over years "


Aaron Parker


What an amazing course, Pranayama has helped me reconnect on so many levels within my relationships, not just social and romantic but within the relationship I have with myself, with my body, with my nervous system, with nature, with my own nature and with the mind body connection. It has helped me be still, in the now and slow down when I feel I must be busy.


We always want to see outside change and expect outside influences to produce that change but when we sit, breathe and reconnect with ourselves intimately we come to realise the inner must change first and the outer will follow.


I can’t thank Vicki  enough for passing down this ancient scientifically and experientially backed knowledge to me, 


Thank you, forever grateful 

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