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About Evolve

Evolve Yoga Training has the UK’s leading experts in the fields of Yoga Asana & Pranayama, who have been immersed in the classic traditional teachings from India in the field of Yoga and Meditation. They have spent decades in dedicated study and practice and have assisted alongside some of the greatest teachers in the world.


Our teachers are passionate and dedicated to sharing their experience and love for yoga as a way of life. 

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Practice first and then teach is our ethos, so that you can help others to move beyond the confines of their own limitations of body and mind .





What makes Evolve Training School unique is it’s approach to teaching the correct and efficient management of the breath as the foundation stone of Hatha Yoga. 

We respect the traditional Hatha approach of placing good alignment & movement of body & breath around a central axis, feeling the deeper elements & benefits of Yoga as a means to transform the mind.. 



Our approach to Anatomy is experiential feeling & observing how muscles need to work in harmony, how they form a balanced symphony of movement. 

Our Teaching

Evolve Yoga Training founded by Vicki Shields 2016, the teachings we deliver have been directly passed on from Yogic Master Sri OP Tiwari; one the few remaining Masters of Pranayama and Hatha Yoga in the world today. Tiwariji has given his personal blessing and certified Vicki to pass on this knowledge. Tiwariji is director of Kaivalydhama the oldest research institute founded by Swami Kuvalyananda. 


Vicki is also senior student of Centred Yoga with over 18 years of dedicated study with her teacher Paul Dallaghan, who is continuing in the footsteps of Swami Kuvalyananda in his research where Science meets spirituality in his Phd in Stress and the Breath.


Teaching Lineage


Evolve Yoga Training is passionate about fusing the ancient traditional teachings from the classic texts along side the most up to date scientific knowledge.


The quality of teaching on the Evolve Yoga Teacher Training course is outstanding! Honoured to be training with such excellent, experienced, inspirational teachers.  


I feel very blessed to be learning from Vicki Shields such an inspirational teacher who is able to share her gift, knowledge and experience with her students in such a humbling way. This yoga teacher training course is awesome and life changing.  I’m so grateful I was guided to this course. 
I was also blown away with all the in-depth information provided by David, on his anatomy weekend which was amazing.

– Laura Sutton


Ready to Evolve with us?

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