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Yoga Classes

Yoga classes online via Zoom 

Before you embark on signing up for any of the trainings we offer, why not come and join one of the Zoom classes that we run.

This means you can experience the teachings of Vicki Shields

directly from the comfort of your own home.

Please email us for the Zoom ID link.


Wednesday Classes Zoom Community


My method is to slow down traditional yoga sequences and explore them somatically, allowing you to turn inwards rather than focusing on just the external form; working intelligently with movement to create healthy neuromuscular patterning. I encourage everyone to use the breath to move more intelligently inside this vehicle of life force energy. 


6:15pm - 7:15pm 

This class includes an introduction to breath work and movement patterns for joint opening and stability. A slow pace, accessible for complete beginners. Even if you are not a beginner you may prefer this softer pace, especially if you are feeling fatigued and need to take it easy. Rather than a work out this is a work in, always guiding you back to the internal space of the body and the ability to move with the breath, allowing you to move deeper into the layers of the body. A long guided relaxation to finish.

This class can be paid as a drop in at £7/class, or £25/month.

You can transfer via bacs: 

V. Shields T/A Ashtanga Manchester account no: 69356106 sort code: 089299
or paypal 


I also take vegetables if you live local! 

Breathwork & Pranayama Community.

Join our growing community ~ calm your anxieties, ground your fears, be present, and start your day with the patience to transform the way in which you respond to challenging life circumstances.


The suggested contribution is £10 a month which potentially is 8 classes; you only need to pay every 4 weeks even if you miss some weeks. I don’t intend to keep tabs on payment I trust you all to pay what you feel is fair and what you can afford.

Monday at 7am for 30mins

Wednesday at 7am for 30mins


Whenever we are faced with a stressful situation, the first thing we notice is how it affects the way in which we breathe. When we are able to switch from a shallow, rapid breath to slow diaphragmatic breathing, we bathe the nervous system and calm the mind. 


I will share some simple techniques that help cultivate a pause in the exhale and the inhale, this is a method of natural retention without forcing. From this relaxed state we can move onto the practice of Pranayama, with specific techniques that have enormous therapeutic benefits. 


So called the Victorious breath because it brings peace to the conflicting forces of the mind.


Classes are suitable for all abilities from total beginners to those more familiar with breath work.


These short morning sessions are aimed at helping you keep up with practice and build a community of like minded practitioners. 

Thank you for joining together in this community to cultivate Love over Fear in our Pyjamas in 2022.

“Victory over others brings us satisfaction, victory over ourselves brings us joy”

~ David Hawkins

Bacs details: V.shields T/A Ashtanga Manchester sort code 089299 account no. 69356106


May the force be with you….

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