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Breathwork & Asana Workshop


The Power
of the Breath

with movement
yoga p
& pranayama

SK4 5BR. 

Do you want to learn to harness the Power of your Breath
to support calmness & 


Do you want to discover the incredible potential of this your very own Superpower?

with Sammy-Jo for a 2 hour workshop 

9.30 - 11.30 am investment is £20.

Workshop dates

9th March

20th April

11th May

22nd June

19th October

16th November

21st December

In these 2 hour workshops Sammy-Jo will help you to become more aware of the intricate mechanics of breathing; To delve deep into the nuances of breath work, movement & asana to explore how different muscles initiate and facilitate the breath.


Through feeling the breath and how it moves within the body, we will work to remove blockages to free up the breath to both support stress & enhance mental clarity. You will discover the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing—the most efficient breathwork technique to calm the mind.

Evolve Yoga Training have a unique approach to teaching breath work, there are so many methods out there this workshop will help you understand how to regulate your breath in everyday circumstances by focusing on "how we breath" and the 3 main stages: 

• Untying the breath, from any physical resistance such as a stressed diaphragm and tight psoas. Did you know a tight psoas can seriously hinder how we breathe? A tight psoas may well be storing stress and trauma, we will work to release this through movement and asana.

This encourages you to turn inward and cultivate a deeper mind-body connection. By slowing down our asana with a more somatic approachwe support you to move more intelligently and create healthy neuromuscular patterns. Through movement guided by breath, you'll experience the therapeutic benefits of certain asana, to unlock fascia and foster a strong diaphragmatic and pelvic floor connection.


Progressing from asana into a seated practice to a slow, regular breath which holds the key to relaxing your nervous system. We focus here on extending the exhale by first;

• Opening up the space the breath in habits in 3 major sections , softening the belly, and opening the ribs laterally, then upper chest. 


• Extending the length of the exhale to cultivate the pause or natural retention. We utilise a quadratio breath technique that helps to train the internal space, this also builds the therapeutic values of retention. The breath can now naturally progress onto pranayama practice to maximise the many therapeutic values of the EXHALE.This course is designed to help you practice more effectively improving

Through the practice of Prāṇāyāma, we channel life force energy, guiding it through the nadis, the energetic channels within us. 


This is the perfect introduction to Prāṇāyāma and a gateway to our Prāṇāyāma Further Training “ Breath of Life "with Vicki Shields and the perfect addition to our regular Community Class via zoom.

What to expect: 

•Therapeutic Asana

•Somatic Movement

• Kriyas

• Simple Breath Work Practice 


• Mantra Recitaion 

• Contemplation

• Relaxation.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced yogi seeking a softer pace ensuring accessibility and comfort. Especially  if you're feeling fatigued and in need of a more nurturing practice, these sessions will provide a work-in, guiding you back to your internal space and facilitating a deeper connection to your body.


Exploring the simplicity and effectiveness of breath work, will allow you to access the direct pathway to shifting your internal state from negative to positive.

Come Evolve with us!

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Let’s Evolve

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