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Teacher Training


40-hour CPD with David Tilston 

Coming in 2024, Register today for Early Bird Access! 
Places strictly limited, payment plans available

"This new & unique 40 hour course far exceeds the associated teaching hours attached to it and will provide you with 1000’s of hours of learning to enhance your practice and teaching standards. I am very excited to share this with you & will personally make sure that you leave feeling confident applying the knowledge.”
David Tilston

What can I expect ?

This Course contains all of the essential information you need to enhance your anatomy knowledge. To begin with, the first few lessons will recap on key anatomical theory. You will then be guided through the advanced section by utilising live online lectures, anatomy lessons and demonstrations.  

You will also have access to a comprehensive on-demand video library covering all theoretical study, follow along mobility routines, assessments and a number of downloadable manuals to assist your learning experience.

• Improve your students quality of life by removing neurological & mechanical restrictions within the body, helping to reduce aches & pains, empowering your students to maintain their health and accessible ranges, in as little as one class and for years to come.

• Gain a deeper understanding of  the effect a particular posture has on the body or how one part of the body impacts on another, how each movement is connected in an intelligent symphony of movement.

• Evolve as a more confident and astute yoga teacher or movement coach with the ability to transform your students lives in terms of their; strength, flexibility, joint health, posture and body awareness. 


• Enable the body to move closer to expressing its maximum potential. by improving movement patterns in both asana practice and all daily activities.

• In addition to the rich online resources is a full weekend of LIVE teaching at InHale studio delving deeply into the practical application of anatomical knowledge using movement drills, partner assisted work and adjustments.


I will teach you highly effective, simple to follow and easy to apply methods that are backed by current research and literature. This course will instill a fresh perspective on anatomical knowledge and provide you with a unique method for teaching asana on a 1-2-1 and group level.

• This course helps you to understand how every area of your life is connected and how the nervous system deals with stress. Solutions are also provided on how to structure movement disciplines to enhance; recovery, mental clarity and a wide range of physical attributes.


• Be confident to be able to create an individual's practice custom built for their body with regard to the extent of their range of movement, regardless of whether it is in a group or a one-to-one environment.


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We are an accredited TrainerPro and have been specially chosen as one of
the leading Training providers
in the field of Yoga in the uk.
We strive to excel in every area of training, committing to the very highest of standards.


Advanced Anatomy of Movement Training

created by David Tilston for Evolve Yoga Training

"We need simple tools so we can; understand, practice and share complex anatomical concepts. No need to layer complex; names, processes or theory on to existing knowledge if we fail to understand how soft & hard tissues truly work and connect together to form a integrated network.


This course is focused on looking for areas that are restricted or compensating and providing simple solutions to improve the way you and your students move for years to come. 


By enrolling in this Advanced Anatomy of Movement Training I will take you through concepts that have taken me 20 years of dedicated teaching and learning with world renowned teachers, and compress these into highly effective methods that are; relevant, specific, simple to follow and easy to apply. You will be introduced to a fresh perspective on anatomical knowledge and a unique method for teaching asana, backed by current research and literature.


At the end of the course, you will be proficient in creating an individual's practice custom built for their range of movement, regardless of whether it is in a group or a one-to-one environment."

David Tilston


David's passion and love for life is infectious, he is an inspiration to us all and you cannot fail to be uplifted by his energy and enthusiasm to move more freely.  We are honoured to be able to share his expertise in this fascinating and highly practical course.


He is an Ex-Royal Marines Commando & Firefighter, who has exceptional focus and discipline along with a vast knowledge of the body and its potential. He holds a 4th Dan Black Belt in martial arts and as an avid student with a self-confessed obsession with human movement, he continues to train alongside and be inspired by some of the greatest movement specialists & teachers in the world.


How the Course Works



Comprehensive Online library;

16 hours of pre-recorded modules, in bite sized chunks, covering anatomical theory and follow-along mobility drills from movement master David Tilston.

Receive high-quality training from your own home and learn at your own pace.


Daily Mobility Drills

Follow-along mobility drills led by David to improve your own mobility, range, flexibility and strength.


In Studio Training

A full weekend of studio training with David, delving deeply into the practical application of anatomical knowledge using movement drills, partner assisted work and adjustments. 

This course is limited to just 20 students so that David is able to give you an exceptionally high-level of 1-2-1 attention, guidance and encouragement that will transform your practice and your teaching.


Live Zoom Q&As

Several Live Zoom Q&A sessions throughout the course to answer any questions you have regarding the online content and on completion of the course to summarise your learnings and any final questions prior to completing the online open-book exam to solidify your knowledge and level up your teaching.


Register today for Early Bird Access!


"What can I say, he has had a major positive influence on my wellbeing,
both physically
 and mentally I can only offer the

highest praise for his support, direction & friendship. He's a diamond geezer both in personalityand professional competence."



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