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Breathwork & Pranayama

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Change your Breath, Change your Mind.

& turn that inner dial from negative to positive
Awaken to your Full Potential
with Vicki Shields
Breath work is the simplest way of reducing anxiety, to balance hormones, boost your immunity and maximise energy levels. it's also the simplest way to connect with the inner space of our body and begin to cultivate meditative awareness.
Modern science today supports what the ancient Yogis knew thousands of years ago. They pondered many questions and found solutions, to being more centred, focused and happy:
How can we change a mind that is prone to discontent, constantly fluctuating from the stories of the past and anxious about the future? The solution lies in the management of your breath, because mind and breath are interconnected. 
When we untie the breath, when we liberate it from any physical blocks, we can begin to let go of the things that no longer serve us. We can let go of destructive thought patterns, let go of stress and tension and even the need to compete with others. When we are stuck in states of fear, the nervous system signals back to us that adrenals are on overdrive, our body is on alert and we need to slow down. When we learn how to manage the breath we are able to bring back the body’s innate power to switch from any anxious state to a more relaxed one. We begin to enjoy a slower pace, we feel like there is more time. The breath becomes our most valuable meditational technique and tool, the more we still the mind, the more we can feel more heart centred emotions.
The effective management of your breath helps • develop emotional strength and balance in our very stressful world. How we breathe also impacts on • the function of every cell in our body and so our health and wellbeing. 
Our workshops & community will help you connect with your breath and your true authentic self. Techniques that can progress onto the deeply therapeutic and awakening practice of Pranayama, simply called the ‘Breath of Life’ because it animates the life force flowing through the energetic pathways of your body. 
The benefits of regular breathwork + pranayama


When  we begin to open the space of the body and release any restrictions to the breath so it is full and deep,  there are many therapeutic benefits such as:


• Decreased cardiovascular risk factors

• Reduced production of stress hormones

• Improved immune function & reduction in common inflammatory conditions

• Reduced anxiety, depression, insomnia, and menopausal symptoms

• Improved mental function

• Improved memory, creativity, and individual effectiveness

• Reduction in habitual or addictive behaviours

• Increased sense of peacefulness and compassion toward oneself & others


The practice of Pranayama; the ability to prolong and control the physical act of breathing, it is deeply therapeutic, and can be considered a tool to help you bring about physical health, increased awareness, calmness and clarity over one’s mind. It is the 4th limb of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga and therefore stands at the very heart of Yoga, and yet it is little understood and rarely taught in any depth in regular weekly classes. Asana alone is rarely enough to achieve the state of “Yoga”.

Why not join our breathwork community or regular "breath of life" workshops to cultivate a regular practice or take your knowledge and understanding deeper. 



Join our Breathwork Community

monday & saturdays via zoom see link below

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Pranayama & Breathwork 


These Breath of Life weekend workshops discover practice and teaching techniques from one of the uk's leading experts.

Combine 3 weekends to gain  40 hrs CPD Yoga Alliance Training


Pranayama & The Subtle Body

60 + 100 HOURS 

Begin with a 4 day retreat to discover & experience the mysterious energy we call Prana. Yoga is an invitation to channel the immeasurable source of life itself. This powerful yet subtle energy that, when directed inwards can lead us towards the potential and true greatness of our being , beyond the limited conditioned self.

Guided by Experts

A living tradition from India 

Combine the wisdom from a living Tradition taught directly to Vicki Shields by Yogic Master Sri OP Tiwariji as well as the most up to date scientific research.


Our courses are grounded in the classical teaching of Sri O.P. Tiwari (Kaivalyadhama, India), one of the few authorities on Pranayama.


Vicki's passion for teaching Pranayama is very inspiring, her knowledge & understanding is staggering & her ability to show you what she feels, so you can in turn feel what she feels is empowering."

– Jamie Davies 



Studying managing the breath & Pranayama has not only changed my approach to yoga asana, but also become a
valuable tool for stress management in my everyday life.


Vicki’s wealth of knowledge and nurturing approach to teaching, creates a safe and encouraging environment in which to explore the subtleties of our body. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in anxiety/stress management and also yoga practitioners interested in moving their practice to a deeper level.  


– Kerri McKenna 2019


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