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Breathwork + Pranayama Workshops

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Breathwork + Pranayama 

Workshops & Teacher Training 

This workshop + training is the opportunity to find out more about how to ‘untie’ the breath, how to release tension in the upper abdomen, to explore the cleansing practices or kriyas in more detail. An opportunity to fully understand how the breath becomes short and restricted and therefore contributes to our stress. As we understand more about how to liberate the breath we can begin to explore how the different Pranayamas work on the body’s energies, gradually improving one’s health and transforming CITTA ( the mind) , our "filter" to the outside world.

The path of Yoga usually begins with the practice of the physical postures, and then someone introduces the power of the breath and explains the wisdom around the channels (nadis) that the prana moves through. There are many nadis but the ones we directly access through the breath are the sun and moon (the Ha + Tha). These channels can be open or blocked, the ancient Yogis discovered the flow of energy through these nadis affect our moods and behaviours. With this knowledge we cultivate an awareness that this devotional practice is about cultivating a better relationship with ourselves, how we can get to know ourselves by understanding the behaviour of the mind ( chitta ) more fully.  As we observe the negative patterns of
the mind and the compulsive patterns of the ego, we become aware that Yoga can be seen as a practice of what we undo, rather than what we 'do'.

2021 dates

• OCT 23RD & 24TH

2022 dates

• JAN 22nd & 23rd zoomed

• JAN 29th & 30th in person Manchester


• APRIL  23rd 24th zoomed

• MAY 21st & 22nd in person Manchester


• JULY  30th & 31st in person Manchester

• AUG 6th & 7th   zoomed


• OCT  22nd & 23rd in person Manchester

• OCT  29th & 30th  zoomed



Combine 3 weekends of the breath of Life workshops for 40 hours CPD

THREE WEEKEND TRAINING £300 40 hours cpd

( link to 40hrs three weekend training)

​What can I expect from the weekends?



10:00 - 2.30 pm

We begin each morning with setting a positive intention for the mind, and then we wake up the body and release tension built up in the diaphragm, abdomen and jaw, using  the preparatory exercises (Kriyas) to help liberate the breath and the life force energy. 


  • In depth study of the importance of deep breathing, management of the breath and how it affects the nervous system.

  • Introduction of simple pranayama practice (or advancing practice for experienced students).



The science of the breath and philosophy of the 8 limbs of Yoga. We will also cover differing topics listed under the syllabus content below.


We end the day with a long Yoga Nidra.



10:00- 2.30PM 

Building on the understanding of Day One with lots of repetition to help grasp mudras such as Mula and Uddiana Bandha essential to the practice of pranayama .

Advancing practice for existing students and regular pulse readings.



Asana practice and understanding which Asana helps restore the nervous system and help the Pranic movement of energy through the spinal column. Mantra recitation working with the Subtle Pranic energies to further deepen the meditative experience of the weekend. Raja Yoga.


Ending with a Yoga Nidra, yoga sleep to experience the stillness of body and mind.



These events are now held at Studio 17 Egerton Road South Stockport SK45BR. There is a kitchen, outdoor quiet space and is very conducive to this more meditative and therapeutic approach to practice. Plenty of free parking and 5 mins walk from Heaton Chapel Train Station.



40hrs Advancing Training

certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals


Breathwork + Pranayama 


Combine 3 weekends of the breath of Life workshops for 40 hours CPD

100hrs Advancing Training

certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals


Pranayama + The Subtle Body 


Begin with a 5 day retreat to discover & experience the mysterious energy we call Prana. Yoga is an invitation to channel the immeasurable source of life itself. This powerful yet subtle energy that, when directed inwards can lead us towards the potential and true greatness of our being , beyond the limited conditioned self.

" Studying how to manage the breath & Pranayama
has not only changed my approach to Yoga Asana, but also become a valuable tool for stress management in my everyday life.
Vicki’s wealth of knowledge and nurturing approach to teaching,
creates a safe and encouraging environment in which to explore the subtleties
of our body. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in anxiety /stress management and also yoga practitioners interested in moving their practice to a deeper level."

Kerri McKenna



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