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Evolving Yoga

Have you ever considered taking your yoga practice deeper or even thought about sharing the benefits of Yoga with others?

Ever wondered what the rich philosophical approach to this ancient practice is really all about?

Why does Yoga work on both the physical and psychological level?

Yoga has the potential to build strength on the outer, the physical structure of our bodies, but also the inner emotions become more balanced.

It helps us to become more focused more present, without the anxiety of the past or concerns of

the future, in other words from mind - full to mind-less.

It then can lead us on a journey of deep enquiry into how we can live together more harmoniously.

Yoga helps us to connect with ourselves, it's a tool for transformation and an agent for change, not just on an individual level but it has a message for humanity as a whole.

Evolve Yoga Training delivers a 200 hours Teacher Training certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals in Manchester, it can serve both as a year long intensive, or a means of strengthening your own practice, as well as a foundation for teaching yoga to beginners

Another added extra is this happens over the course of a year so plenty of time for integration and application. We are also in a stunning lakeside setting for the one week immersion and the rest are monthly trainings in the lovely village of Hale on the outskirts of Manchester.

Evolve Yoga Training covers yoga in its entirety. This training begins with you and the development of a yoga practice personalised for you. An understanding of the importance of the breath will shape your understanding of the Hatha Yoga tradition through to the evolution of more dynamic forms of Yoga.

The aim is to open and strengthen the body from inside out. Our focus will be on Yoga as a transformative tool taking you deeper into your own practice, giving you the capability to teach from your own experience, from a place of confidence and authenticity.In depth asana training will be based around the intelligent and well rounded practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa with the knowledge and guidance on how to modify this sequence down to its most basic form to intelligently work with any-body.

This means you can access and guide more students on their journey, learning breath work techniques and the art and science of Pranayama, dynamic forms of asana as well as supporting and nurturing with more restorative forms. Alongside this, learning Anatomy and Physiology as it applies to each asana and movement patterns, deepening your understanding of intelligent sequencing. The philosophy will be made relevant to both the physical experience of yoga but also an inquiry into becoming more connected to our moment to moment physical experience, shaping the relationship with ourselves and relationship with others.

If you would like to discover more please visit out website

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