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Becoming a Yoga Teacher

For me, yoga represents the intersection of my passion for movement and my interest in philosophy. Initially I joined the Evolve Yoga Teacher Training course with the sole intention to deepen both my practice and knowledge of yoga.

If I’m completely honest, at that time the thought of becoming a yoga teacher felt daunting and unobtainable and if someone was to tell me that I would feel confident and relaxed guiding people through a class I wouldn’t have believed them. After a year of studying, I now feel excited and honoured to walk into a studio to teach and guide the bodies in front of me. I am determined to learn more through the Further Training Programme and have a sense of duty to share the knowledge I acquire with others.

I began my yoga journey whilst studying for a degree in Comparative Religion and Social Anthropology as I searched for a practise that would quell pre-examination nerves and a physical outlet whilst on a two-year break from competitive Ballroom and Latin dancing. Soon after starting, I experienced the benefits of yoga as it created space for introspection and self-expression.

Amanda Williamson my first Yoga teacher , encouraged me to to take my practice deeper. After many months of research, I enrol onto the Evolve Yoga’s Teacher Training and under the instruction of Vicki Shields, I quickly gained confidence in my own ability and started to explore the transformative qualities of yoga and in particular the breath in greater depth.

​In many ways this course goes beyond ‘teaching yoga’ as it has guided me back to myself. I now see strengths rather than weaknesses and I feel grounded where previously I would have crumbled. I truly feel that if it wasn’t for this course, I would still feel a sense of being trapped, through reflecting on my own negative patterns through a yogic lens I have started to unshackle myself from my own preconceived perception of who I am.

What makes this Evolve Yoga Training School unique is it’s approach to teaching the correct and efficient management of the breath as the foundation stone of Hatha Yoga.

The approach is to respect the traditional Hatha approach to placing good alignment of the movements of body and breath around a central axis, good alignment being conducive to meditation, so we begin to feel the deeper elements of Hatha Yoga and it's ability to transform the mind.

For me, yoga represents the intersection of my passion for movement and my interest in philosophy.

Yoga is an enquiry into the space of both body and mind and an important tool for self-expression and introspection, an activity which, in our hectic modern day lives, is often forgotten or sacrificed.

If you have never tried yoga before I would strongly advise anyone to step onto a yoga mat and experience it for yourself – you never know where it may lead you.

I am now delighted to be holding my own classes in Manchester which focus on the breath to open the body from inside out, using the postures to connect , open and strengthen our connection to self. I intend to help others find their balance, emotionally and physically, just like I did.

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