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Who needs Yoga? Who needs more Focus?

Breathing is the key to everything in yoga and in life. So too is better focus and concentration, every role in life, every career, every sport will benefit from you having better focus and concentration.

So how can  focus & concentration be improved with Yoga Asana ? 

As we breathe in yoga asana we cultivate single pointed awareness, the ability to direct our attention. In other words concentrating on how to balance also helps your ability to concentrate.  As we cultivate these tools, we are able sit for longer, to focus solely on the breath. Finally stretching the length of the exhale towards pranayama. The exhale is the ultimate in cultivating better concentration. This inner awareness allows us to be-come stiller and quieter within, eventually evolving into meditation.

During our Breath of Life  workshops and Trainings we will explore all of these tools, beginning with free movement to open any resistance in both breath and body, then directing our attention to find stillness. The ability to sit and breathe will be broken down into stages, with all the scientific detail to understand why you are doing what you are doing.

You will experience how an overreactive mind shifts to a more focused and concentrated state. From this place of equanimity, we can become less reactive and much more creative in our decisions  The secret to this simply lies with EXHALE to shift the activity of the nervous system.

Our Pranayama Training ( Breath of Life) can be taken as a stand alone 2 day workshop, or part of a 40 hours Professional Development Training for yoga teachers and health care professionals.

•You will explore how to untie any restrictions to the breath.

• Correct any faulty breathing habits

• Optimise and manage the breath

• Extend the length and quality of your breath leading into the practice of Pranayama.

Pranayama is essentially the extension & suspension  of our LIFE FORCE energy. When this is liberated it can awaken deep states of consciousness which we experience as stillness and an alert presence.

 by Vicki Shields

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