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Breathwork + Pranayama 40 hours Teacher Training


40hrs Advancing Training

certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals

Pranayama is the extension, suspension & untying of this life-force. When it is liberated it can awaken deep states of consciousness which we experience as stillness and an alert presence. The awakening of this subtle force when directed inwards can lead us towards the potential and true greatness of our being, beyond the limited conditioned self. This is the state of 'Yoga'  described in Patanjali's sutras. A deep meditative state of 'being' not doing.The effective management of your breath helps develop emotional strength and balance in our very stressful world.  How we breathe also impacts on the function of every cell in our body and so our health and wellbeing. Adding Pranayama to your daily Yoga practice will help you evolve, and grow in your teaching as well as your daily life.


​Pranayama has been practiced for thousands of years as a part of yoga. However, our understanding of it for practitioners has refined and evolved over the past 100 years, just as science has helped us understand much about how the world works. Much of this effort on pranayama, and on yoga in general, was begun by Swami Kuvalayananda as early as 1916. He was my own teacher's teacher and pioneer of scientific research in the field of Yoga. I am honoured to be able to share this living tradition passed onto to me by my teacher Sri OP Tiwariji.

Combine 3 consecutive weekends (3 modules) to attain 40 hrs of Further Training Certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals​


You will receive a comprehensive manual full of the science, philosophy and detailed instructions of how to practice and instruct others in simple breath work and the practices of Pranayama outlined in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, directly translated by Sri OP Tiwariji one of the few living Masters of Pranayama in the world today.

This Pranayama Further Training is across 3 weekends and is a rolling programme so you begin at any month and complete the 3 separate modules as a progressive journey over three consecutive weekends in a total of 6 months to gain the Yoga Alliance Professionals Further Training Certification and CPD hours towards your 500 hours.

You will also have free access to our Breathwork Community classes, twice weekly to support you on your journey and keep up with your practice throughout the course, plus one free zoom one to one with Vicki Shields, who has had an unbroken dedicated practice for 15 years.

Full cost £300 

You will be registered with YAP on the date you commence and graduate after completing all three modules in succession, this is non-transferable and non-refundable ( once commenced) .

Please note as from October 2021 all Trainings will be live and zoomed see dates below.

2022 dates

• JAN 22nd & 23rd zoomed

• JAN 15th & 16th in person Manchester


• APRIL  23rd 24th zoomed

• MAY 21st & 22nd in person Manchester


• JULY  30th & 31st in person Manchester

• AUG 6th & 7th   zoomed


• OCT  22nd & 23rd in person Manchester

• OCT  29th & 30th  zoomed



THREE WEEKEND TRAINING £300 40 hours cpd

​What can I expect from the weekends?



10:00 - 2.30 pm

9.00 - 1.30pm ( zoom only)

We begin each morning with setting a positive intention for the mind, and then we wake up the body and release tension built up in the diaphragm, abdomen and jaw, using  the preparatory exercises (Kriyas) to help liberate the breath and the life force energy. 


  • In depth study of the importance of deep breathing, management of the breath and how it affects the nervous system.

  • Introduction of simple pranayama practice (or advancing practice for experienced students).



The science of the breath and philosophy of the 8 limbs of Yoga. We will also cover differing topics listed under the syllabus content below.


We end the day with a long Yoga Nidra.


10:00 - 2.30pm

9.00 - 1.30pm ( zoom only)

Building on the understanding of Day One with lots of repetition to help grasp mudras such as Mula and Uddiana bandha essential to the practice of pranayama .

Advancing practice for existing students and regular pulse readings.



Asana practice and understanding which Asana helps restore the nervous system and help the Pranic movement of energy through the spinal column. Mantra recitation working with the Subtle Pranic energies to further deepen the meditative experience of the weekend. Raja Yoga.


Ending with a Yoga Nidra, yoga sleep to experience the stillness of body and mind.


Syllabus Content

You will learn how working with the breath is an important foundation of any practice. Pranayama can be a both a tool for health and also in mastering the mind. It is correct and effective breathing that aids yoga asana, reduces stress and much more. With step by step instruction you will develop a self practice. You will learn the importance of preparatory exercises together with 6 of the classic techniques.

Upon completion, you will understand the nature of the:

  • Inhale, Exhale, and Retention

  • Difference between simple breathing and Pranayama

  • Therapeutic & spiritual value of each Pranayama

  • Preps and Kriyas

  • The importance and anatomy of the pelvic floor

  • Science of the breath and its affect on the nervous system

  • Bandhas Mudras and Mantras

  • Correct performance of each Pranayama

  • How to guide someone in basic breathing

  • The 8 limbs of Patanjali Yoga

  • Hatha Yoga -The process of Sun and Moon

  • Kundalini, What is it how do we access it?

With step by step instruction you will be guided through a self practice and will therefore be encouraged to teach Pranayama from your own experience.


Every weekend we meet & focus on managing the breath and specific techniques to open the body and energy through the spine. The values of each pranayama will  be repeated and their psychological effects on the mind and therefore our behaviour.



Module One


The Nervous system, VAGUL TONE and building an awareness of how the breath is vital to managing the ANS. How the Prana flows through the nadis and how we harness and direct  the LIFE FORCE energy to affect physical and psychological behaviour of the chitta.

Detailed explanation of MULA BANDHA and it's relationship to the pelvic floor & how this connection is vital to understand the  AYAMA of the PRANA. What is the of Breathwork and PRANAYAMA and what both mean.



Module Two


SAMADHI and mind management: meta cognition, vrittis and the whirlpools of the mind how this relates to our everyday experience .How Patanjali describes the practice of Pranayama as the highest Tapas because of the effect on the CHITA VRITTIS. The 8 steps to experience Samadhi and the Divine Union of Hatha Yoga, relationships and awakening of kundalini.



Module Three


The importance of the EXHALE, how to progress to retention with a better connection to the pelvic floor.The therapeutic value of Carbon Dioxide and the many therapeutic benefits of retention and CO2.

How CO2 helps in the mediative process, the process of dharana, dhyana & samadhi. Leading to a more concentrated meditative state and how this re-wires the brain and neurological patterning of our behaviours. The sum total of the 8 Angas of Patanjali Yoga.

Planting the seeds of consciousness through our daily practice. 



These events are now held at Studio 17 Egerton Road South Stockport SK45BR. There is a kitchen, outdoor quiet space and is very conducive to this more meditative and therapeutic approach to practice. Plenty of free parking and 5 mins walk from Heaton Chapel Train Station.​​



All about the benefits of practicing Breathwork & Pranayama.

100hrs Advancing Training

certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals


Pranayama + The Subtle Body 


Begin with a 4 day retreat to discover & experience the mysterious energy we call Prana. Yoga is an invitation to channel the immeasurable source of life itself. This powerful yet subtle energy that, when directed inwards can lead us towards the potential and true greatness of our being , beyond the limited conditioned self.


Vicki's passion for teaching Pranayama is very inspiring, her knowledge & understanding is staggering & her ability to show you what she feels, so you can in turn feel what she feels is empowering."

– Jamie Davies 



Studying managing the breath & Pranayama has not only changed my approach to yoga asana, but also become a
valuable tool for stress management in my everyday life.


Vicki’s wealth of knowledge and nurturing approach to teaching, creates a safe and encouraging environment in which to explore the subtleties of our body. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in anxiety/stress management and also yoga practitioners interested in moving their practice to a deeper level.  


– Kerri McKenna 2019


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